Research has discovered that cannabis oil will relieve Multiple Sclerosis. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can be depressing. This debilitating disease will not go away. But treating its symptoms does help.  The disease is painful and comes with muscle spasms, uncontrolled movements and stiffness. The bladder is over-active so the patient needs to urinate a lot and nerves are sore too. Cannabis oil will relieve these symptoms.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

This disease can be disabling when the brain and spinal cord /central nervous system are affected. The body’s immune system attacks the myelin (protective sheath) covering the nerve fibers. This means that communication between the brain and body is affected and, over time, the nerves start to weaken or become damaged forever. Multiple Sclerosis affects people in varying degrees, which depends on how much nerve damage there is. Some people are affected so badly that they can no longer walk, while others show no new symptoms and enter what doctors call ‘remission’. It is sad that there is no cure for MS but modern treatments do speed up recovery from attacks. These can adjust the progress of the disease, managing its symptoms and actually allowing patients to be in remission.

Will Cannabis Oil Relieve Multiple Sclerosis?

Yes. It is a calming therapy, naturally, and has no negative side effects. Remember that if you choose cannabis oil, it takes a while before the cannabinoids work in the body. These chemical compounds go straight to the root of MS symptoms, working with the body’s endocannabinoid system to heal the immune system and central nervous system. Cannabis oil gives relief to patients who are in pain and suffer muscle spasticity and stiffness. Cannabinoids (like cannabidiol or CBD) are calming and great treatments for anxiety, stress and spasticity. Having Multiple Sclerosis is exhausting and at least the CBD can tackle this symptom. It is very tiring having muscle spasticity, stiffness and arms and legs that rarely are still. This means very little sleep at night too and the pain is draining. But cannabis oil can relieve these symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

Relief from MS Symptoms

Cannabis oil relieves the need to constantly urintee – the cannabinoids ease the spasms that cause your urge to urinate so often. Medical cannabis can also calm the patient down, including the muscle spasms which allows limbs to move more freely and speech to be clearer. The cannabis oil treats the nerve pain and, as a natural anti-inflammatory, it relieves the pain of inflamed nerve ends too. Take the cannabis oil often and be patient for the positive effects to kick in – once it starts to work,  you are looking at a much better quality of life.

Some countries have legalized medical cannabis in order to treat Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy. Because the evidence is coming in and the anecdotal evidence is strong. It works. Chat to us about our cannabis oil and how it can relieve Multiple Sclerosis. It can relieve the symptoms and therefore the disease. Maybe the patient can enter remission with ongoing use of cannabis oil?