Our team at Natural Therapy have put this article together to explain how cannabis oil and lupus treatment go hand in hand. Cannabis oil can be used to treat lupus and you can buy yours online. In fact, you can buy cannabis oil products right here, at Natural Therapy, that will treat your lupus. Lupus may be an incurable autoimmune disease, but cannabis oil has shown to relieve the many symptoms of lupus, making life easier for lupus patients.

Cannabis Oil and Lupus

Lupus and Cannabis Oil – Buy Products Online

  • Tinctures – the best form of cannabis oil for use during the day. Manage your doses better with cannabis oil tinctures by taking 3 drops to feel good, or 15 drops to treat a serious disease like lupus. And you will remain alert during the day. This unique blend of cannabis oil and organic coconut oil increases absorption. Buy yours online – our tinctures come in 12ml bottles with a little dropper for more precise intake. We extract the cannabis oil using only pure organic coconut oil, with no additives whatsoever.
  • Cannabis oil capsules – our biggest cancer fighter and also very good for lupus. Packed with cannabidiol (CBD), they offer brilliant medical value and no harsh side effects. Cannabis capsules do not cause liver damage but do fight cancer and help with epilepsy seizures. Best of all, our capsules manage your pain. And you can never overdose! Capsules are the best way to take cannabis oil if you need quite a big dose at the time. Each capsule contains roughly 30 drops of cannabis oil and works best if you are treating a chronic disease like lupus. Buy yours online.
  • Panacea natural and organic cannabis oil-infused balm – perfect for pain in specific areas of your body. Blended with Shea butter, hemp oil, coconut oil and several beautiful essential oils, our cannabis balm is the perfect solution for localised pain. Referred to as a “life saver”, Panacea cannabis balm is also life changing – use it on your lupus, arthritis, muscles and other chronically painful areas. 100% vegan and never tested on animals. Buy yours online today.
  • Aphrodite Organic Night Healing Cream – spoil yourself with our luxurious organic miracle cream, perfect for the older skin, and for treating lupus rashes. A natural lotion brimming with easily absorbed nutrients, organic ingredients and essential oils that your skin will readily soak up. We guarantee that from the first morning after the night you use our miracle cream, your face looks different – younger, moistened, de-stressed and re-energised. And your rashes from lupus will fade. Buy yours online to treat your lupus, brimming with good cannabis oil.

Cannabis Oil and Lupus

Lupus – What is It and How Does CBD Help?

Cannabis oil is packed with beneficial cannabinoids, the most prevalent being cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and treats the terrible inflammation that is characteristic of lupus. CBD can also assist the immune system to calm its abnormal response to lupus which makes it attack its own tissues. Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to maintain a healthy balance of homeostasis. When lupus strikes, this balance is completely out of kilter and the CBD clings to specific receptors in the body to assist the ECS to return to a normal state of health.

Someone with lupus has an immune system that is overactive and it cannot differentiate between viruses and bacteria, and healthy tissues. Inflammation, pain and damage to many body parts results and the patient starts to feel anxious and depressed. Symptoms include insomnia, weight loss, nausea and vomiting, moodiness, swollen and painful fingers, wrists and hands, and many more. Fortunately, cannabis oil is a wonderful therapy for lupus as it can treat all of these symptoms. CBD is a calming cannabinoid, ideal for anxiety and depression too. There are different forms of lupus including discoid lupus (affects the skin), SLE (affects body internally such as organs), drug-induced lupus (from a bad response to too many prescription drugs), neonatal lupus (the baby gets lupus from its mother at birth). Lupus has flare ups and there are periods of remission.

Cannabis oil is a treatment for lupus and you can buy yours online.