Buy your cannabis capsules in South Africa now! Not only are they available from Natural Therapy, but so too has the South African Constitutional Court recently made cannabis legal at home. You can buy our cannabis capsules, packed with cannabidiol (CBD) and our first choice to fight cancer. We know that these cannabis oil pills have brilliant medical value and no harsh side effects.

Buy Cannabis Capsules at Natural Therapy in South Africa Now

Cannabis capsules do not cause liver damage but do fight cancer and help with epilepsy seizures. Best of all, our capsules manage your pain – and there is no such thing as over-dosing. In addition, capsules are the best way to take cannabis oil if you need quite a big dose at the time. Each capsule contains roughly 30 drops of cannabis oil and works best if you are treating a chronic disease like cancer.At Natural Therapy, medical cannabis oil is the healthier choice of medication which includes our top quality cannabis capsules. Welcome to a natural therapy extracted from the cannabis plant, with recognised healing powers.

Medical cannabis oil is generally legal in South Africa and since the court ruling this month regarding people being allowed to grow and use “dagga” at home, this makes cannabis oil even more freely available. Cannabis oil is already being prescribed by doctors to heal specific conditions or illnesses. In South Africa, many people are seeking natural alternatives to medication as they start to question the impacts of pharmaceuticals on their health. More and more, cannabis oil is being recommended as a powerful complementary medicine by doctors, neurologists, behavioural specialists, oncologists and fitness enthusiasts.

Cannabinoids in Cannabis Capsules Heal Illnesses

To date, cannabis oil experts know of 111 cannabinoids found in cannabis. Tetrahydroncannabinol (THC) and CBD are the most common and the most widely used chemical compounds for medical healing purposes. THC-infused cannabis oil is great for pain and inflammation while CBD is perfect for depression, anxiety, inflammation and epilepsy. Even cancer can be curbed with a blend of THC and CBD! Some people choose to keep medical cannabis at home for emergencies, or as a standard health supplement.

Buy your cannabis oil capsules in South Africa now – since last week, cannabis has been “decriminalised” by the Constitutional Court. But no one may deal in cannabis, sell it or smole it outside of the home.  The official line is that adults are allowed to grow, use and cultivate the substance on their own property. Government still needs to clarfiy the extent of house boundaries and where and when and how the public can buy cannabis in South Africa.

CBD Capsules Available to Buy Now in South Africa

Meanwhile CBD is a fantastic alternative therapy that can enable sick people to wean themselves from their pharmaceutical medication in many cases. CBD treats pain and inflammation, arthritis, diabetes, HIV and cancer symptoms, depression and anxiety, insomnia, gut issues and heart conditions. Cannabis capsules are pre-measured and easy to carry so a good choice for people in pain or who require larger doses of cannabis oil during the day. We recommend our cannabis oil capsules, which you can now buy in South Africa.