History of the Cannabis Oil

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There are records dating back centuries ago about the use of cannabis in China and Siberia. Around 3000BC the ancient Greeks and Romans started to use cannabis, and this then influenced Spain and North and South America. People were attracted to the plant as a successful healer and they could also feel euphoric when they consumed it. The irony is that all those years ago, people got better when they used cannabis as a healing substance, pain killer and spiritual “drug” but during the 20th century, it was banned due to politics and misuse.

The ancient Indians regarded cannabis as a gift from the gods and they used it to ensure longevity, to hone the mind, improve decision-making, reduce fevers, improve sleep and treat dysentery. During ancient German and Viking days, the plant was used to ease the pain of childbirth and toothache! Later on, cannabis was a common ingredient in medicines and alcohol.

Cannabis was made illegal in America in 1937 in a row that involved the pharmaceutical industry. Referred to as marijuana, cannabis was banned as a “devil plant” from Mexico that made people high and crazy. The use of cannabis was repressed, and many doctors did not realise the importance of this ban which allowed the pharmaceutical industry to prosper and dominate the medical world. When America set out to stop drugs, cannabis was classified as a schedule 1 drug.